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What Does "Living The Dream" Mean to You?

For us, it's adventures. It's life on the open road. It's waking up in different cities, exploring unknown places, and seeing the sights.

We're not your average couple. We love travelling, and have put quite a few miles on our Dodge Ram and 26 foot travel trailer. We have enjoyed the trailer life so much we have transitioned into full time rvers!!

Are We Crazy??

We have sold our house and most of our stuff! We upgraded our truck, and arranged and rearranged our trailer to make it comfortable on the road. Our journey officially began on October 2, 2017.

Join Our Journey

We have been documenting every aspect of our journey, from upgrading our trailer, to liquidating our stuff and selling our house, and all of our adventures on the road as well!

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Episode 095

Check out this Video!!

This is our 26 foot home!! We've been living full time in our trailer for a few months, and we wanted to show you how we live in such a small space!